Intimate National Park Elopement in Banff | Jess + Brendan

December 16, 2021

When Jess and Brendan reached out to me telling me that they wanted to have a laid back intimate elopement with just the two of them and their dog Poppy (which by the way I’m a HUGE fan of) in the mountains I knew that Banff National Park was going to be the perfect place!

Banff National Park Elopement with your dog

Banff National Park is the perfect place to elope when wanting to have a mountain elopement, forest elopement, or national park elopement because it’s filled with incredible scenic valleys, peaks, glaciers, majestic mountains, forests, meadows, and rivers which leaves countless adventures! It’s honestly the most beautiful place to be surrounded by nature in my opinion. 

One of my favorite things about Banff National Park is Lake Louise! Lake Louise is a colored lake that will leave you completely speechless. The glistening turquoise water is absolutely breathtaking, something you won’t see anywhere else. It’s a must see if you are going to have a national park elopement here in Banff!

Since Jess and Brendan wanted a laid-back elopement, we did just that! Jess and Brendan started the day with hair and makeup and a relaxing lunch. We then went to a secret hidden ceremony spot to ensure the intimacy of the day (a huge plus when you have a vendor who knows their way around). I adored how Jess and Brendan shared their obsession with the show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and mentioned the catchphrase “Legen… Wait for it… Dary” twice in their ceremony, it was the cutest thing.

After that, we rushed to Lake Moraine for the last thirty minutes before sunset. I was able to convince every single tourist at the most gorgeous but popular spot to please give us two minutes for photos and they agreed! I had to be sneaky and quick but it worked perfectly! 

Jess and Brendan were so awesome and fun to work with! They had such outgoing and fun personalities, Jess even wore Brendan’s boxers under her elopement dress for comfort! I LOVED it! Not only that, but we bonded over our love for the Bachelor/Bachelorette and Jess even quoted “will you accept this rose?” when she put on Brendan’s boutonnière. I knew we’d instantly become BFFS after that.. Speaking of.. Have you seen this season!? OMG.

This Intimate National Park Elopement was definitely one of my favorites. I’m so glad to have met Jess and Brendan as well as Poppy and so happy they chose me as their photographer to capture their gorgeous intimate national park elopement! I can’t wait to go back and shoot in the mountains! 

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