How to get the BEST champagne spray photos for your wedding or engagement!

January 20, 2022

One of my favorite types of photos to shoot are champagne spray photos whether it’s for a wedding, elopement, or engagement it’s by far one of the most fun to take! Although champagne spray photos are extremely fun they can be hard to master, so here are a few tips on how to become a pro at popping champagne!

Best Champagne for Spraying

Make sure to buy inexpensive champagne OR even better, just buy sparkling juice. There’s no need to go all out when buying champagne for photos. You’re not going to drink the champagne, you’re going to spray most of it so you don’t need to spend $50 or more on a bottle of champagne. If you’re going to spend $50 on a champagne photo, you might as well buy 5 $10 bottles of champagne and do a few! This is also SUPER fun for a wedding party photo or full guest photo, you can pass around the bottles and have a big epic group champagne spray photo! You barely see the label of the bottle so don’t worry about that too much. The darker labels look best, or gold if you’re feeling fancy! If you choose sparkling juice, remember a bottle opener! Sometimes when you take the packaging off, it ends up being a cap instead of a cork, so it’s best to be prepared!

Photo of bride and groom doing champagne spray photos

Champagne Spray 101

  1. Make sure not to mess with the champagne bottle before taking the photos; you don’t want to lose the bubbly before the action even starts!
  2. Make sure to find a good location for taking the photos. You’ll want to shoot at a location where the light is coming from behind you; this helps the spray become more prominent. You also want to be considerate of the area you choose. Choose somewhere that isn’t used as often because remember when champagne dries it gets very sticky! Avoid pavement, sometimes champagne can stain. 
  3. Get up close and personal with each other. Interact with one another! Wave your hands in the air, steal a kiss, scream your heart out, the more expression the better!
  4. Make sure to figure out where you’re going to spray the champagne. I suggest pointing the bottle slightly to the left or right of your photographer this way they won’t get soaked. If your photographer is me however, spray it right at me. I can change my clothes and my camera is weather-proof(which means champagne proof too right). Brownie points if you land the champagne in my mouth LOL.
  5. Carefully open the bottle and point the bottle away from your face, even when taking the cage off, sometimes the cork can be loose and this is NOT the day to lose an eye! As soon as you’ve taken the cork out, place your thumb over the top to hold in the bubbles. If it doesn’t spray right away, don’t worry, it will when you shake it!
  6. Make sure your photographer and everyone else is ready to go then partially cover the bottle so the spray lasts longer and Shake! Shake! Shake! 
  7. Have fun and be in the moment. This moment is YOURS do what you want with it!
  8. Either pour the rest into glasses or my personal favourite, drink from the bottle!

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