I have been in love with photography ever since I first picked up a camera at 10 years old. After a few years of photographing portraits and couples, I photographed my very first wedding in 2016 and I instantly fell in love. I have know been a full time wedding photographer for the past 3 years and I absolutely love my job. Capturing candid moments is what made me fall in love with photography right from the very start. Authentically capturing love and connection is so deeply important to me and a passion of mine. Weddings are a time of celebration and connection and I want to capture all of the precious in between moments as much as the traditional ones!

While I wish I could photograph every wedding I'm inquired for, I just can't.

I photograph every wedding and elopement with every bit of my soul and I capture directly from the heart. In order to give each and every couple all of my energy, I need to put a cap on weddings to ensure I don't get burnout. As a highly creative person, I have curated my schedule to accommodate time to refresh and reset. That being said, I won't take on anymore than 40 weddings per year(elopements included.

With this number, I'm still able to photograph many days full of love but still have the time to allow myself to stay creative and inspired as I finish the post-processing of your photographs and deliver your wedding memories to you as the true work of art your special day was. <3

Will you travel for weddings and sessions?

HECK YES I will. My creative soul lights up whenever I get the chance to explore and capture a new location. Travelling is my second passion in life next to photography and I'm always down to add to my travel list. So far I have been up and down all of Vancouver Island, sailed to all of the Gulf Islands as well as travelled to Vancouver, Abbotsford, Squamish, Kelowna and Banff for weddings, elopements and celebrations. I'd LOVE to go back as well as explore new locations as well as cross off a few Bucket list locations. Italy or Greece anyone!?

Will you photograph LQBTQ+ Weddings?

Absolutely yes. Everyone and ALL love is welcome in front of my lens. I have photographed LGBTQ+ couples before and I'm welcoming of all couples. <3

Do you deliver RAW or unedited photos?

How many photos (and Gifs) do we receive?

I will photograph your entire wedding in RAW file format. RAW is unreadable by the internet and unprintable. RAW files allow me to colour correct and bring back a lot of the details that would have otherwise been lost in a regular jpeg file. These files give me a lot more flexibility to work with a photo creatively, but it's also just the first step to a finished full resolution edited image. Apart of the editing process is removing distractions in the background such as info signs, outlets, flyaway hairs and unwanted blemishes etc. The unedited file is not an accurate representation of my work as its only just the first step to delivering you art of the same quality you see posted on my website, social media and by past couples. This being said, I don't deliver unedited or RAW files and you'll be receiving the full resolution edited images in your gallery.

Your full gallery will be full of the moments I captured on your most special day/photography session. Each wedding/elopement gallery will receive a minimum of roughly 50 images per hour. (Ex. 400+ images in an 8 hour gallery). Sessions can expect anywhere between 30-150+ images per session(specified in packages).

For weddings and elopements, the estimate for photos is around 50 full resolution edited images per hour. This can vary depending on location changes/timeline but generally, you can expect to see 50 images per hour at the minimum and I always tend to deliver a few extra images per gallery if time allows me to! :)

For sessions, you can expect to receive anywhere between 30-150+ images depending on the package you book with me(please email me for package information and pricing)!

Estimated amount of delivered GIF picture films:

Weddings Packages: 3-10+ GIFS (package depending)

Elopement Packages: 1-10+ GIFS (package depending)

Sessions: 0-10+ GIFS (package depending, some sessions do not include GIFs).

What is a GIF?

A GIF is a burst of images stitched together to create a mini movie entirely out of single images. I use GIFS to add emotion and mood to galleries. I provide both the GIF and .MP4 file(so you can post to Instagram/Social Media if you wish! :)

What is your turnaround time for photos?

I understand how exciting(and sometimes nerve wracking) it can be to await a gallery. With this being considered, I always do my best to send out sneak peeks to you within a short timeframe before the delivery of your full gallery. (10-15 images within 1wk for weddings/elopements and 3-5 images within 72hrs for sessions). Proposals will receive 3-5 images within 24 hours so you can share the big news!!

Wedding and Elopement galleries will be delivered within 2-4 months depending on the season(things get very busy in the summer)!

Session galleries will be delivered within 4-8 weeks(also season depending).

How do we recieve our images?

All galleries are delivered to you through a customized online gallery. Through your gallery, you'll be able to easily mark your favourites, share the link to your friends/family, download the images right to your desktop or phone/tablet and easily order all kinds of prints and albums(there are many options with the professional printing lab available to you online). Most products are created/shipped within Canada(product depending).

I have dedicated myself to going as carbon neutral as possible, thus no longer providing flash drives/USBs. I keep your photos online to download freely for years and from there you'll be able to backup/store them on your flash drive/external hard drive(PLEASE backup your photos, technology can get wonky and we have to protect these precious moments)!

Send me an email for pricing information and any other questions you might have!