Will you travel for weddings and sessions?

What is your turnaround time for photos?

Hey, you don't even have to ask twice. HECK YES I DO! I have a whole bucket-list of places I want to travel to for love(if you're wanting a rad place to elope to, I know the spots)!

Let me be real with you all - I absolutely love photo editing. I throw on The Office or some True Crime podcasts and edit away on a ton of my days off. This is my cheat day snacking and wearing sweats all hours of the day time. I don't rush this process and it's super important that I take the time that's needed to perfect your photos so you can cherish them for a life time(even though we're ALL so excited to see them finished)!

This being said, my wait time for galleries is typically 2-4 months for weddings and 1-2 months for sessions. I always do my best to get sneak peeks to you as soon as I'm able to however(5-10 photos). The wait time also depends on the time of year because I am super duper busy in the warmer months. No matter what the wait is, it'll be worth it!

How many photos do we receive?

For weddings and elopements, my average is 50 photos per hour. Each and every wedding day is unique with a different timeline so a lot of different things factor into your photo delivery. I always strive to capture not just the big moments but the precious in-between moments too. Candids are my ultimate jam.

My sessions also vary but I always like to promise a guaranteed number of photos(then I'll over-deliver more photos if we end up getting more)! The guaranteed amount varies depending on the type of session. I always deliver every photo that turns out, which often turns out being more than what was promised. I value your memories and want to deliver all of your cherished moments.

Do you deliver RAW or unedited photos?

My short answer is no, but let me tell you why.

The RAW/unedited images aren't dreamy. They're very underexposed and dark, which is something I do in order to keep all the details of your photo preserved. This is where things can get super technical and confusing but basically they aren't a true representation of my work. Photo editing is a process and just like you can't go into a bakery and buy a half-finished cake, you can't buy half-finished photos either. Let me add my magic to them and bring your cherished photos to life - I wanna be your photo wizard!

The key to finding your dream photographer is to find someone you vibe with AND love their photography style too. All of my work will be edited to my signature style and will look bomb.com in the end. I gotchu, boo! :)

How do we get our images?

All galleries are delivered by a custom online gallery that's also made available to share to your family/friends. Connected to your online gallery is a professional photography lab with thousands of printing options if you wish to buy prints and frame your photos. By delivering galleries online vs a USB, I get to minimize my carbon footprint and also save you a whole lot of searching when that tiny little flashdrive disappears(remember to check underneath the couch lol)!

Anything I missed?