April 21, 2022
Photo of bride and groom in black wedding attire, bride hugging groom from behind
Beautiful Halloween Elopement at Laurel Point Inn in Victoria British Columbia | Kate + Steven
Saying that I’m obsessed with this elopement is an understatement! I've been dreaming for YEARS to photograph a wedding like this...
January 27, 2022
Photo of bride and groom posing in front of boho floral arrangements
How to Make a Stunning Wedding Mood Board for your Upcoming Wedding
You've said “YES!” to getting married and are ready to start planning for your wedding but aren't too sure where to start. First ...
January 24, 2022
Photo of bride and groom, bride in lace elopement dress, groom in black traditional wedding suit
10 Quick and Attainable Tips on How to have a Sustainable Wedding
As an elopement and wedding photographer who has always been heavily drawn to the great outdoors and a lover of mother nature, I ...
January 20, 2022
Photo of bride and groom doing champagne spray photos
How to get the BEST champagne spray photos for your wedding or engagement!
One of my favorite types of photos to shoot are champagne spray photos whether it's for a wedding, elopement, or engagement it's ...
January 20, 2022
Photo of bride and groom posing at the beach
9 Things You Need to Know to Plan a Simple but Gorgeous DIY Wedding
Planning a wedding can be really stressful and overwhelming with the seating arrangements, guest lists, booking vendors and venue...
December 16, 2021
Banff National Park Elopement at Lake Louise
Intimate National Park Elopement in Banff | Jess + Brendan
When Jess and Brendan reached out to me telling me that they wanted to have a laid back intimate elopement with just the two of t...
December 4, 2021
elopement, elope, wedding, love, couple, Bohemian Round Floral Wedding Arch
5 Reasons to Elope: Why Eloping is Better than Having a Wedding
To elope or not to elope that is the question. Elopements are small intimate weddings that reflect the couple as a whole. Elopeme...