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Hey friend! My name is Taylor but I also go by Tay. I've basically spent my entire life behind the lens. I first picked up a camera when I was 10 and instantly fell in love with documenting memories. After photographing my very first wedding in 2015, I was hooked. I've always been a hopeless romantic and a sucker for love stories. I'm a firm believer that everyone is photogenic and I'm destined to prove it to even the shyest peeps. I got your back. Let's make some magic!

I have a longing for adventure and I'm always on the go. I will go anywhere for love(and good snacks). I strive to not only be your photographer, but a new friend too. Cause hey, let's be real, taking photos with a stranger can be awko taco.

Meet the Photographer


Emotion over perfection

As a photographer, my mission is to capture your love as authentically and candidly as possible. I want your photos to be so real that you can still hear every laugh, feel every happy tear that fell onto your cheeks and every passionate kiss you shared with the love of your life. Every single love story is unique and capturing all the little details is so important to me. Getting to know each and every one of my couples is so incredibly special. I get to know the connection two people share, I get to meet and know their family and hear every heartfelt speech. I mean it when I say that love leaves me speechless and I want to do the same thing with your photos. I'm not here to make you stand stiff and smile at the camera, I'm here to evoke all of your emotion and connection to your other half and loved ones. Your comfort and trust is always my number one priority.

Easing all of your nerves and bringing out your true self is my goal as a photographer. I have been asked numerous times in my life "Why did you become a photographer?" Well, I became a photographer because life goes by so quickly and moments deserve to be captured. Growing up, I didn't have many family photos or candid moments captured and it will always be my biggest regret. As I grew more into photography, I made sure to capture my family and friends enjoying life together and that's when I realized that those were and always will be my favourite photos. The best part of delivering a gallery is when I hear things like " I never saw the way my partner looks at me when I'm not watching" and bringing the happiest of tears to my couples because their photos truly captured how in love they are. Love is timeless and it deserves to be captured that way.

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